Mission Statement:
“We are a Catholic faith community
committed to quality learning.”

PTA and Fundraising

We have a very dedicated steering committee forming our PTA, which usually meets approx. once a month. Everyone is made more than welcome to attend, and new comers are greeted with open arms. The major function of the PTA is fundraising however they are more than willing to step into any area to help out the school. Besides the fundraising duties they undertake with such enthusiasm, they also plan and run afternoon teas for new-comers to the school. Our office holders for 2017 are...

Chairperson - Fiona Webster

Secretary - Olivia Hayward

Treasurer - Julie Burchell

Family Picnic, Easter Raffle, Family Night of Fun, Ice-Cream, Christmas Crafts, Cupcake Day and so much more .........

We have several fundraising events throughout the year, We have the quiz night in term 3, Irish Fling every other year now, Lions Tour and end of term disco's and family nights. We also have mufti days and hot chocolate (when cold) and ice cream in the warmer terms. 

Besides doing their own fundraising they also are very keen to help out with the BOT fundraising. Really our fundraising is just everybody leaping into help where-ever they can.

The PTA tend to raise money for specific items - shade cloths for the courtyard, playgrounds, subsidizing classroom trips, are some of the extras that St Francis has benefited from, while the BOT tend to raise money for the rather boring (but very necessary) things, like funding teacher aide salaries or providing additional resources etc.

At the end of each year, we make up calendars. These are individualised for each family and are a much sought after Christmas present for that 'difficult to buy for' aunty, uncle or grandparent! We now have people coming back and asking in advance when production will begin and when can they put in orders! Our top buyer is 12 so far!! (we love big families!)




We have an extremely hardworking BOT, who always put the needs of our children to the front of every decision made.

Our BOT consists of ...

5 Parent Representatives

  • Karen Hutchinson
  • Anna Perry
  • Tim Johnson
  • Elaine Tukuitoga
  • Shaun Mason


4 Proprietors Representatives

Sister Paula 
Eric Hamilton - Chairperson

Father Oliver Aro

Our Principal

Geraldine Sumner

1 Staff Representative


Secretary to the Board

Gaye Rowberry