Mission Statement:
“We are a Catholic faith community
committed to quality learning.”


Principal - Geraldine Sumner

Welcome to St. Francis School Web site, my name is Geraldine Sumner and I have been with St. Francis since late 2014. I am married to Richard and have two grown up children. I have taught in the UK and here in New Zealand. My experience extends from 4 year olds up to 13 year olds and I have taught in Auckland and Hastings here in New Zealand for the last ten years. My passions are Science, Robotics, Technology, Drama, Art and computer science. In a previous life I used to be a programmer and created CAD for assembly lines when I was first married 30 years ago. 

I believe that children should start their journey of education, cemented with enjoyment and full of opportunities, to learn, grow and develop their creativity to meet the needs of our ever developing world. Children need to learn how to appreciate our delicate planet and take responsibility for future generations.

For your child to meet their full potential their development should be embedded with ethical and cultural values and a sense of community and justice for all. The children need to appreciate family values and community spirit. We live in a very multicultural society and an ethos of live and let live is paramount for a peaceful world.

I believe that imagination is the key to making learning fun. Teachers can teach, but learning comes from within. My goal is to spark the flame to ignite passion and excitement within our teachers to build memories that will lead everyone to pursue learning as an adventure through imagination to become lifelong learners.

I am committed to the ethos that ‘every child matters’, where everyone can expect to be treated with respect to experience learning in a highly motivated environment to have the skills to be able to take their own learning forward. Where we expect high standards to ensure every child’s needs are met to ensure access to the whole curriculum. We want to ensure each parent becomes involved in their own child’s journey and development by bring the community into the school and being part of its successes.

We nurture all our children and instil good life values, through excellent teaching of the academics, social and emotional wellbeing, creativity and physical education. We are able to mould our children into very successful young adults ready to take their place in the world, full of confidence and motivation to make a difference in our world. 

God Bless ~ Have a great day. 

Year 1 & 2 Teachers~ Krystal Glen and Jessica Phillips 

We are very fortunate to have two very young and dynamic teachers caring for our very precious little people. Krystal and Jessica both bring a wealth of experience in the field of play-based learning. Krystal is an artist and cares deeply about the environment which fits so well with the charism of our school. Both teachers are very experienced junior teachers. 

Year 6, 7 & 8 ~ Debbie Trenwith ~ Director of Religious Studies

As our Director of Religious Studies (DRS) Debbie has a major role to play in the development of all students at St Francis Catholic School, encouraging and sharing in the joy of their spiritual growth. Room 5 is her full-time home here at St Francis where the children are made to feel special and unique, - and encouraged to take that next step.

Year 3, 4 & 5 ~ Heidi Darrah ~ Sports Leader ~ Accelerated Learning in Literacy Leader

Joined our team this year. Heidi has a long standing relationship with our school. She did some of her teacher training and once qualified did two terms as a temporary reliever. Heidi is energetic and passionate about teaching. She is very approachable and has a very caring attitude towards her students and colleagues.  

Reading Recovery Teacher ~

Geraldine Sumner

Donna Thorburn ~ Teacher Aide ~Where would we be without Donna's wonderful skills as teacher aide! Donna has played an important role in the lives of many children at St Francis School for many years, supporting the classroom teachers by assisting with remedial and extension programmes. Her patience, understanding and ability to work at any level, makes Donna a huge asset to our children and teaching staff.


Karen Carruthers - Cleaner

Our classrooms and buildings are given a wonderful clean at the end of each day by Karen who prides herself on everything looking top-notch!  While everyone else takes a break in the holiday, Karen goes into overdrive giving the classrooms & school extra special attention!  

Shadi Panela ~ Caretaker

Our gardens and grounds are kept in tip-top condition by our wonderful caretaker, Richard has an amazing ability to keep things looking spick and span, - tidying and pruning before anyone even realised it was needed.

Secretary ~ Gaye Rowberry 

Gaye joined our merry team in 2017 after our long standing Secretary took medical retirement. Gaye has a wealth of experience in the Administration field, including working with the Ministry of Education.